This was one of those stars align kind of things. I kind of don't even know what to say...I had this crazy morning...where I got up before the sunrise (not too hard to do these days since it's at 7:30am)...and made my way to...well...I will let the pictures tell you. I will say that I am always in awe when I see the White House, and this was no exception. The big difference this time was that I spent the morning where the real action happens - the press room! (The image below is the Oval Office.)

more june gloom...

seems every summer i forget just how weird the june gloom here is. most of the time it burns off by 11am or so, but it really messes with your mind...and fashion choices. this was shot during a flyover of LAX...around 5:30pm, when the gloom had decided to roll back in for the evening.

joshua tree.

yesterday, i got up before the crack of dawn and headed out to joshua tree park for some day trippin' with some other photographers from the b-school. i had never been, so i figured this was a good opportunity to see what it was all about - and nobody got lost! there was of course a U2 tribute on the way in, plenty of laughter, a few show tunes, and just a great time! here's joe photo getting ready for his close-up. joe organizes all the day trippin' activities. thanks, joe! the super amazing thomas pellicer and the fabulous karen revellematt saville getting ready for a quick drive...amber fox being...well...dare i say it?...foxy. sorry. couldn't resist.

sometimes i forget...

sometimes i really forget what makes california so great. yesterday i watched the sunset over downtown LA from the Griffith Park Observatory. people were just kind of wandering around watching the sun disappear and enjoying the amazingly warm weather (and time change). although there was some haze, you could see all the way out to the ocean. it was stunning. i stayed a little longer to watch the city light up and then made my way home...with the sunroof open!

viva las vegas!

it really does feel like the first day of school. i have been thinking about what i'm going to wear, where i'll sit and who (if anyone) will talk to me. every year, las vegas turns into the biggest photography school, convention and meet-up for WPPI. last year, over 12,000 attended from all across the world! so i am going to vegas to learn and be inspired. i am nervous, but excited to meet new people and see others i already know. from what i hear, there is no sleeping allowed (JC would be much better at that) and it is an all around amazing time. wish me luck...i think i might need it!

it's fun being one!

i can't believe how quickly time has flown...this adorable guy is already one! we hit laguna on a gorgeous day in february (when DC was digging out of snow and Atlanta was getting an inch or so) to take some beach pictures and capture what being one is all about. he could not have been more cooperative (no crying at all!) and amazed at the surf and sand. i think there was even a taste test going on...

the next best thing.

i didn't get to spend valentine's day with the one i love, but i got to do the next best thing! i spent the day with some photography friends talking shop and shooting pictures at the arboretum. in the 4 years we have lived here, i had never been.  evidently valentine's day on a holiday weekend isn't the best time to go either...but we made it through the crowds and had a great time!remember the house in fantasy island?!  this is it....the plane the plane!


this little guy is too cute not to post! 3 months old and just full of personality.


it is so stormy here...unlike anything i have seen in the years we have been living here. there was even thunder today. i haven't heard thunder in 4 years! it is amazing how the clouds hang in the mountains and appear to be so close to the ground - almost as though you could touch them.

photos and more photos.

so as i said, i started off the new year taking pictures and as promised, here are the rest from the shoot in the park. while these 2 are my nieces, the shoot was very professional...they even told me that i sounded like a photographer and not an aunt. :) it was lots of fun to wander around the park for some pictures. we even brought all sorts of props with us and i think a couple of models were created!

having fun!

the holidays really bring out the kid in everyone. while we were in atlanta, there was no shortage of silliness. included in that were many wii challenges, lots of remote control car and tarantula (yes, tarantula!) races and this really cool game that shoots propeller-like circle things in the air that you catch with a funnel looking thing. not very descriptive, i know...but you can see it in the pictures.

time flies - holiday pictures.

last year, i took some holiday pictures for this adorable little one and now he is so grown up! he's the only 2 year old i know who knows what an abacus is - and even calls it an abacus! i can't even believe how quickly the year went...time really does fly.

the land down under.

i have been neglecting the pictures from sydney! i can't believe it. it was quite a shock to go from new zealand - population 4.2 million in the country, to sydney - population 4.2 million in the city! nevertheless we braved the vegemite, ketchup (closer to acceptable on the connoisseur's scale) and crowds to check out an amazing place. we actually climbed this bridge. yup. we walked right over the top of it. i think it was a little of the daredevilness leftover from New Zealand.the opera house was for sure one of the highlights of our time in sydney. it is an amazing venue with a crazy history and tons of problems - you should see the orchestra pit! but standing on the stage, i could see how the problems would easily fall away. there are so many unique things that make this place so special - like the gorgeous seats in the theaters that are ensconced in wood.

Some fun New Zealand stuff.

first, just a few fun shots from new zealand...there was fizzy lemon soda everywhere. we kept trying different ones, hoping for something to be tasty. we had no luck and decided to find adult drinks instead.and then there was the ketchup...all neatly disguised in a funky heinz package. "it's not heinz" was the proclamation after one taste...and if you know JC, you know he is a ketchup connoisseur.half flush? full flush? what to do?! all the toilets had these options. some were clearly labeled, others you had to figure out on your own.sit tight...more stuff coming soon!

more syncopaths.

the syncopaths are amazing musicians. i didn't really realize how amazing until we got to the point in the session where they were finally able to play. you could tell they were anxious to get back to the music and trust me - if you saw the calm and joy wash over them as the music filled the air, you would understand. this shoot was a HUGE challenge for me and a great learning experience. be sure to look for their new CD soon - it might have an alyson cohen image on the front! :)