the land down under.

i have been neglecting the pictures from sydney! i can't believe it. it was quite a shock to go from new zealand - population 4.2 million in the country, to sydney - population 4.2 million in the city! nevertheless we braved the vegemite, ketchup (closer to acceptable on the connoisseur's scale) and crowds to check out an amazing place. we actually climbed this bridge. yup. we walked right over the top of it. i think it was a little of the daredevilness leftover from New Zealand.the opera house was for sure one of the highlights of our time in sydney. it is an amazing venue with a crazy history and tons of problems - you should see the orchestra pit! but standing on the stage, i could see how the problems would easily fall away. there are so many unique things that make this place so special - like the gorgeous seats in the theaters that are ensconced in wood.