it's fun being one!

i can't believe how quickly time has flown...this adorable guy is already one! we hit laguna on a gorgeous day in february (when DC was digging out of snow and Atlanta was getting an inch or so) to take some beach pictures and capture what being one is all about. he could not have been more cooperative (no crying at all!) and amazed at the surf and sand. i think there was even a taste test going on...

photos and more photos.

so as i said, i started off the new year taking pictures and as promised, here are the rest from the shoot in the park. while these 2 are my nieces, the shoot was very professional...they even told me that i sounded like a photographer and not an aunt. :) it was lots of fun to wander around the park for some pictures. we even brought all sorts of props with us and i think a couple of models were created!

having fun!

the holidays really bring out the kid in everyone. while we were in atlanta, there was no shortage of silliness. included in that were many wii challenges, lots of remote control car and tarantula (yes, tarantula!) races and this really cool game that shoots propeller-like circle things in the air that you catch with a funnel looking thing. not very descriptive, i know...but you can see it in the pictures.

family fun (continued)!

so even after the trampoline jumping was over, there was no lack of energy. the boys decided to start up a game of soccer, so i was grabbing shots of them while they were resting.then there was time for pictures of the whole family.

family fun!

i hate to brag, but i get to take pictures of some really fun people...and this family did not disappoint! even mom got in on the trampoline jumping. here's a quick preview. more shots to come.

family pictures.

The day could not have been hotter when we took these pictures, but everyone looks calm, cool and collected. This was such a fun family - they cranked up the music while we took pictures in the backyard which got lots smiles - even from the baby! Everyone looks fantastic and did a super job!

a lazy sunday.

we were lounging around on sunday and my niece was being so animated, so i grabbed the camera.  i think she was channeling her inner marilyn monroe!

jumping fun!

we have been plagued with june gloom for weeks, but this party was super festive. the family was celebrating the baptism of the newest arrival and invited family and friends over for a fiesta!i have always called these big inflatable things "space walks"...i don't know why really. now that i have nephews and a niece, i have been told to call it a "jumpy". regardless of the name, they are so much fun! i would have gotten in, but didn't want to break a camera...or a bone.

oh baby!

julie and matt were great sports during this shoot and they welcomed their son into the world just a little over a week ago - congrats!!


kung fu you!

karate was the order of the day!  dominic was karate chopping everything - including me!


a farm and a family

i thought the girls were excited to take family pictures...but it turns out they were more excited to show me all of their farm animals!


splish, splash...

it was a beautiful day when Leanna was baptized.  then her mom said the water needed to be colder and tears ensued!