this little guy is too cute not to post! 3 months old and just full of personality.

photos and more photos.

so as i said, i started off the new year taking pictures and as promised, here are the rest from the shoot in the park. while these 2 are my nieces, the shoot was very professional...they even told me that i sounded like a photographer and not an aunt. :) it was lots of fun to wander around the park for some pictures. we even brought all sorts of props with us and i think a couple of models were created!

family fun (continued)!

so even after the trampoline jumping was over, there was no lack of energy. the boys decided to start up a game of soccer, so i was grabbing shots of them while they were resting.then there was time for pictures of the whole family.

family fun!

i hate to brag, but i get to take pictures of some really fun people...and this family did not disappoint! even mom got in on the trampoline jumping. here's a quick preview. more shots to come.

family pictures.

The day could not have been hotter when we took these pictures, but everyone looks calm, cool and collected. This was such a fun family - they cranked up the music while we took pictures in the backyard which got lots smiles - even from the baby! Everyone looks fantastic and did a super job!

a lazy sunday.

we were lounging around on sunday and my niece was being so animated, so i grabbed the camera.  i think she was channeling her inner marilyn monroe!

headshots anyone?

i recently took these and thought i would share. the shoots were really fun and i think the portraits/headshots came out nicely!